“Our referral program is a testament to Yext's culture around inclusion. It shows that the company trusts its employees to refer great potential hires, while also keeping our diversity initiatives top of mind. It's a great feeling to work at a place that values employee opinion because ultimately, referrals make the best hires and benefit the company as a whole.”
Ashritha Kanuri
Platform Manager

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Welcome to Talent Hub: Yext's Employee Referral and Internal Mobility platform. By submitting referrals to Talent Hub, you can earn points towards prizes and rewards!

To participate in our Employee Referral Program, simply log into Talent Hub to check out our available jobs. From there, you can refer your contacts to specific jobs, share jobs with your social networks, or send jobs via email or text.

Please refer to the points breakdown below to gain a better understanding of our reward system.

Activity Points
Employee has activated their account 15
Employee has made a direct referral (a referral to a job) 6
Employee has had a visitor to their personal referral link 1
Candidate clicks apply on a job through employee's trackable link 3
Status update: Candidate contacted 10
Status update: Candidate under assessment 25
Status update: Candidate is hired 75
Status update: Candidate is archived (no longer being considered) 0

Questions? Please contact us at referrals@yext.com.

Welcome to Talent Hub

Welcome to Yext’s employee referral and internal mobility portal, Talent Hub. This portal is a one-stop shop where you can search for the perfect job, refer your connections, or explore opportunities to transfer internally!


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